Tower Slewing Crane

  • 1:50 Scale Diecast Metal
  • Highly Collectible
  • Superior Quality
  • “As real as it gets” features

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Tower Slewing Crane Construction Model Overview

Take a  good look out over any major city skyline and you’re likely to see tower cranes erected beside tall buildings and skyscrapers. These eye-catching lattice-woven like structures are best described as a central shaft with a long boom and counterweights used to balance the crane’s load.

  • 1:50 Scale Diecast Metal Crane Model
  • Official Product
  • Highly Collectible
  • Superior Quality
  • Detailed printed graphics
  • “As real as it gets” features

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 60 × 40 × 20 cm


Tower Slewing Crane

Tower cranes are a familiar sight on most construction projects. They are usually assembled and erected on-site with a horizontal or luffing jib. Common features of tower cranes include:

– Lattice sectionalised tower.

– Jib (typically 25 m long) fitted with precast concrete counterweight blocks.

– Access ladder housed within the tower or attached to an outside face.

– Stay rods and support frame.

– Cab at the top of the tower in which an operator sits.

– Slewing ring which allows for rotation of the jib.

– Trolley and hoist block which can move along the length of the jib.

Tower crane operators are capable of seeing most of the lifting operations from the cab, although a banksman is required at ground level both for overseeing the loading of the crane and for issuing signals and guidance to the operator.

Tower cranes can have a maximum unsupported height of 265 feet (80 m). A tower crane’s maximum reach of 230 feet (70 m) and maximum lifting power of 39, 690 pounds (16,642 kg) with counter weights of 20 tons and two limit switches are used to ensure the operator does not overload the crane. A maximum load switch governs the pull on the cable and guarantees the load doesn’t exceed 18 tons. A load moment switch ensures the crane operator does not surpass the ton meter load rating. Something called a cat assembly head in the slewing unit is used to sense when a possible overload may occur.

General Specifications
Model Variants: Self-supporting static, Supporting static, Travelling or rail-mounted, Climbing


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Manufacturer: KDW
Age: 8+
Material: Diecast metal
Designed in: China
Made in: China
Approx Size: 51cm (length) x 9cm (width) x 51cm (height)
Weight: 1.6kg
Packaging: Original Packaging
Shipping: Free with Australia (International Shipping available)


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