Mandala Fractals Vintage Colouring books
Mandala Fractals Vintage Colouring books
Mandala Fractals Vintage Colouring books
Mandala Fractals Vintage Colouring books
Mandala Fractals Vintage Colouring books
Mandala Fractals Vintage Colouring books
Mandala Fractals Vintage Colouring books

Mandala Fractals Vintage Colouring books

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  • fabulous designs to make your own
  • awesome images to take your breath away
  • a delightful selection of classic patterns
  • 1 x Mandala Colouring Book (128 pages)
  • 1 x Fractals Colouring Book (128 pages)
  • 1 x Vintage Colouring Book (128 pages)
  • 1 x Set of 12 pencils

Decorative Designs: Mandala, Fractals and Vintage Overview

Relax the mind, release stress or just have fun with 384 pages of colouring heaven! Perfect for artists of all ages Immerse yourself in these complex and beautiful coloring books filled with amazing patterns. The highly detailed creative designs in these adult coloring books will keep you coloring for hours of fun and relaxation. There are plenty of intricate masterpieces to color and complete. Includes a 12 pack of Dragon Pencils. This kit comes complete with all of the supplies needed to start you on the road to colouring. Experience the joy of these colouring books with beautiful art form! This Colouring pack Includes:

Book 1: Mandala Intricate and intriguing, mandalas are representations of the cosmos and quite capable of taking you to another world. The designs presented here can be appreciated for their extraordinary beauty, and coloured accordingly, or they can be used for their underlying purpose as aids in meditation. Mandala expert and creator Clare Goodwin has provided a wonderful selection for you to personalise and make into artworks that you will be able to display or use as a therapeutic tool

Book 2: Vintage Use the outlines in this book to produce your own beautiful vintage and Victorian artworks with coloured pencils, while improving your artistic skills. Created during a goldern age of patterns and designs, the range of images included here is a treasure trove of delights that you will love to personalise and make your own.

Book 3: Fractals Some of the most intriguing patterns are found in fractals. Never-ending, with shapes reminiscent of objects seen in nature, fractals contain miniture copies of themselves. In this book you will find a rich source of beautiful patterns just waiting for you to bring them to life in vivid colours. There is no right or wrong way to choose colours for these wonderful objects, a happy fact that leaves you free to let your imagination be your guide.


Manufacturer: BMS
Age: 8+
Series: Decorative Designs
Difficulty: Easy
Designed in: Australia
Made in: China
Actual Package Size: 25.4cm x 27.94cm x 5.08cm (10" x 11" x 2")
Weight: 1.50 kilogram
Shipping: Free with Australia (International Shipping available)

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