Classic Australian Ford Falcon XA GS/GT (sedan, hardtop or UTE)

Early in 1972 Ford released the XA Falcon with the GT in sedan and hardtop versions. The hardtop being preferred for racing as its bulging rear flanks accommodated wider tyres. Ford built 1,868 sedans from January 1972 to September 1973 and 891 hardtops between July 1972 and September 1973.

The XA GT was designed for wider appeal with its less aggressive look and creature comforts. The XA GTHO Phase IV is the best remembered model that never was. Three prototypes were built at Ford’s “Lot 6” race workshop and one production model made it down the Broadmeadows assembly line before the “Supercar” furore stopped production.

The Phase IV was to have had 340bhp (255KW) and around 400 ft/lbs of torque and a reported top speed of around 150mph (240kmh). The ‘normal’ GT continued in production and while many race teams made do with their Phase III XY’s.

The XA GT won at Bathurst in 1973 with Moffat and Ian Geoghegan in the hardtop version, and in 1974 John Goss and Kevin Bartlett in an XA GT Hardtop won the first really wet Bathurst 1000 enduro.

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1973 Ford Falcon XA 351 GT
Ford Falcon XA 351 GT Racing Australian Classic
Ford Falcon XA GT 351 RPO 83 Hardtop
Ford Falcon XA GT RPO 83 Hardtop
Ford Falcon XA GT 351 RPO 83 Sedan
Ford Falcon XA GT RPO 83 Sedan
Ford Falcon XA GT 351 Sedan
Ford Falcon XA 351 GT Sedan
Ford Falcon XA 351 GT Hardtop
Ford Falcon XA GS Ute
Ford Falcon XA 351 GT Ute

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Ford Falcon GTHO Phase III tipped to sell for $1 million

It cost $5000 new and once belonged to fast bowler Jeff Thomson. Now the owner hopes to fetch $1 million when this Aussie muscle car is auctioned. Can’t afford a million dollars? How about our fantastic scaled model of the Ford Falcon GTHO Phase III. See link at the end of the article.

A Ford Falcon GTHO Phase III – once owned by legendary Australian fast bowler Jeff Thomson – is tipped to set to hit the Australian muscle-car record when it its auctioned on June 16.

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